Documents for customs clearance
  • Commercial trade contract (with all supplements)
  • Purchase order
  • Commercial invoice +its russian translation
  • Bank payment confirmation
  • AWB, BL, CMR or other transport way bill
  • Packing list
  • Commodity description (photo, technical passport, assembling chart etc)
  • Documents to confirm cargo value ( if needed -insurance certificate, price-list, export declaration)
  • Certificate of origin ( if needed)
  • Import certificates,licences, permissions (if needed)

+Other documents required for this type of commodity

Commercial invoice should include:

  • invoice number and date;
  • contract number and date;
  • terms of delivery (acc. to INCOTERMS);
  • shipper’s name and address;
  • consignee’s name and address;
  • for each item of goods: description, quantity, price, gross weight and net weight;
  • country of origin;
  • manufacturer (if it’s not the same as shipper);
  • total value, total quantity of pieces, total net and gross weight;
  • defined transport cost ( if required according to delivery terms);
  • shipper’s company stamp and personal signature.

Customs clearance